The rise of the “geeks”

“Geek”-is defined as a person who is preoccupied with or very knowledgeable about computing, and/or a boring and unattractive social misfit. The latter’s definition are the distinctive qualities they possess that made them elevate their status from the least-popular individuals in highschool to tech moguls. It goes to show how the boring and unattractive socially neglected individuals have come to conquer the world or the online world atleast. Almost everyone can be technologically skilled but when someone is boring and doesn’t fit in society they can use that to their advantage to build an empire.

When someone mentions the word “geek” first thing that comes to our head is thin followed by unattractive, boring, disgusting, weird, crazy all these things summed up translates to Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook. These are the new breed of “geeks”, or what I call the empire-builder “geeks”.These are the same persons who weren’t good looking enough to be Hollywood actors, weren’t strong enough to be superstar athletes, they are too brilliant to be lawyers and doctors and they have surpassed the technological qualities/skills of an engineer. And now they are doing the right thing following what they’re suppose to do in this world, to open the gates of the digital age. Evidently these guys made a lot more than their counterparts, they’ve went beyond $1B- sure it’s cool to be a five-star athlete or a famous actor, but true enough those athletes and actors haven’t gotten past the $1B.

With the growing number of mobile internet-capable devices, the non-stop development of wireless networks infrastracture and the demand for computer related jobs, its no wonder people spend more time in front of their computers/gadgets than any other non-tech related activity which would probably lead to continuous growth in online advertising.

So the question now is, who wants to be the next geek?


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